We started roasting our own specialty coffee in 2017 from our café in the heart of Temple bar. 
At the start it was a unusual to see plumes of uncontrollable smoke wafting down Bedford row. 
I am delighted to say now it has become a lot more controlled!! The sweet smell of freshly roasted coffee gently flows up Temple bar.

My Passion for roasting started back in 2011 whilst living in Sydney. One of my clients who I was coaching at the time invited me to his café “The Grounds of Alexandria” where he showed me his roasting operation. Already with a passion for drinking coffee seeing his operation really got me excited about the world of coffee and roasting. Fast-forward six years we are roasting all our own coffee and couldn’t be happier.

Our aim is simple, to create a special cup of coffee. We are forever, sourcing, sampling, cupping, measuring, blending and tasting. All our coffees are freshly roasted packed and ground, if required right here in Temple Bar.

Want to work with us? We are now partnering with various cafés, restaurant’s, Hotels & pubs, supplying our coffee all over Ireland. Hospitality is hard enough without top notch coffee!

If you are interested in stocking our coffee get in touch we would love to hear from you. We offer full barista training to new customers and consulting service to all our wholesale customers. We believe in having hands on close relationships with all our customers to ensure the highest standard for your customers.